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High Altitude Gardening - Flagstaff Author

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldHello gardening friends! Whether you are a novice to gardening..


Nadia Trilogy - Book 1

This Flagstaff author, mediator, family counselor and natural healer of over 30 years presents his l..


Navajo Code Talkers

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldThis true, short story, is educational, inspiring and has nati..


Saints & Scoundrels of Arizona

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldJulie McDonald loves her home state of Arizona! With some of t..


Saints + Scoundrels of the Grand Canyon

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldWhile training to be a Grand Canyon tour guide, I heard so man..


Unbreakable Dolls - Flagstaff Author

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldEight true stories of amazing women in Northern Arizona who ha..


Unbreakable Dolls 2 - Flagstaff Author

Local Author - Julie McDonaldUnbreakable Dolls Two: True stories of pioneer women in Arizona and the..


Unbreakable Dolls 3 - Flagstaff Author

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldUnbreakable Dolls Three: Eight true stories of amazing women i..


Unbreakable Dolls of Colorado

Flagstaff Author - Julie McDonaldSixteen true, short stories of Pioneer Women: Unbreakable..