Quarantine Just For Fun Kit

Quarantine Just For Fun  Kit

The perfect, pre-made gift (or as we like to call it, Quarantine Kit) is now available!

This fun kit has one of our NEW mini DIY signs included, and it's hysterical! It might be a small sign, but it packs a punch! "Don't worry Laundry, nobody's doing me either!" Cheer up a friend or family member with this fun quarantine kit. A great gift for any occasion or simple 'just because'!


  1. Mini DIY wood sign kit (Laundry) | exclusive to the quarantine kits
  2. 15 oz, locally made, wood wick, clove scented candle (burns long and smells so good)
  3. Local, Watercolor Card of the San Francisco Peaks (could also be framed later on)
  4. Vegan, vintage lilac soap bar, locally made (smells so fresh)
  5. Canvas/Cotton FGS Tote 

Please set us know what personal message to include on the card, with your kit and we will take care of the rest! It really is that simple!

Most kits listed are on-of-a-kind, therefore, once it's gone, it's gone! We are however, always happy to make you something custom (just call or email us and we can go from there). $5 Flat Fee shipping. OR FREE, Next day delivery pithing Flagstaff City Limits! Holla

** Thank you from the bottom our hearts for shopping with us and keeping it local, it means so much that you care and we appreciate the support!

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