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This locally made candle is our very own, custom scent - In The Pines, it smells like our home, our own Flagstaff, Arizona - In The Pines. What a great gift for someone missing 'home'... candles are a great, consumable gift for almost any occasion. Is it a gift? Let us know and we will wrap it special for no extra charge!

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Materials: This candle is made with all natural soy wax so you can be sure that your burn is clean and natural. Soy wax burns cleaner and longer than regular candles and is produced by American farmers. These candles are phthalate-free fragrance candles with lead-free wicks. Soy wax has a very natural look so they may not look like your typical candle and may develop frosting. This is the nature of soy candles. It will not affect the burning or scent. 
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Maintenance: Your wick should be trimmed to ¼ inch prior to every single burn. This ensures proper burning. The first time you burn your candle, burn it for a few hours. Soy wax has a memory, so the first burn is important in making sure you have a proper melting pool.  
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Precautions: Always use caution when burning candles. 
Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time
Be sure that the candle is burning on an appropriate surface 
Keep the wax pool free of any debris
Avoid burning in drafty areas
Never leave candle unattended
Keep out of reach of children and animals 
We are not responsible for damage due to inappropriate / unsafe use or alteration of candle
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Reuse: When your candle has ½ inch of wax remaining, fill with boiling water until the wax reaches the surface. Remove the wax and wash the container. Feel free to reuse in any way.

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